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These are my art works from my desk and they are all signed and dated, by me of course.

     My inspiration for these works comes from my digital photos that I take of my rare breed of dogs the Alsatian Shepalutes and from the farms near us.

    If you would like the inspirational photo Please ask for it in our E-mail correspondence. All of my work is one of a kind unless I have specifically written that it is a printed COPY of one of my works.  That is something that I would do if I were painting a picture for a person and I liked the painting so well that I decided to keep the original and sell the copy.  Originals are far more expensive than a copy.

    Right now in my life I am into Water Color Art. Since I have no training or schooling in art, my water color art is unique. Most of my work is large, done on 2 ft x 3 ft special cold pressed water color paper which is very unusual for a water color painting. no one that I know of does water colors so large.

    My pieces must be carefully placed so that the light doesn't harm the bright colors and so that no moisture gets to the painting. On most of my work I have them professionally framed and that includes all the preventative measures to protect the work.

     All buyers have 24 hours to return my work with a money back guarantee.

Questions or comments? You can send me e-mail at: