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Autobiography / Artist's Statement

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Hi, my name is Lois Denny Schwarz.  I live in Sam's Valley in the state of Oregon and I do a variety of art.

   I started painting with my hands early on in my life. The inspiration for my work was given to me by my second grade teacher Mrs. Goodrich at Bard Elementary in Oxnard, California. She enjoyed all of my paintings and encouraged me to continue in fun and enjoyment.

   I have tried to learn the 'proper' way to put colors to paper, wood, metal and other objects, but I could never really get into another's style or technique. I continually went back to my own style.

   Lately I have enrolled in many china painting classes so that I might help my 84 year old mother with her love of her art work. I have become very disappointed in that none of the teachers teach my way. Some have come close to my way of putting what I see on a canvas or a porcelain piece, but I stand out like a sore thumb. I do not like any one watching me as they always throw bad vibrations my way when i first start a piece as no one can see what i see in the colors and brush strokes and I know they think that my work is a mess. It is only when completed do they shine in amazement and wonder as to how I could have started out with such colors only to come up with the end results.

     I do not do cartoons I am a realistic painter but I can add to a painting or enhance a photo if need be.

     I have no degrees to show you, no special achievements either.  (well one of my pieces received a special award and was in a magazine and on display for a year at the world of china painters.

     I am not handicapped nor do I paint with my mouth or feet. I am over 50 years old so that may be considered?

     Thank you for considering my work.


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