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Schwarz Farm and Kennels


Our Dogs

1. To begin the process of getting one of these magnificent pups/dogs, you will first need to contact me. I promise, I will not bite, as a matter of fact I am very involved in your families happiness and with all purchases of this new living animal.

     So, The first thing that I will need from you is the following information. This will help me get to know you and it will start a file up in your name. You do not need to purchase a pup today or even in the near future. You may just wish to be in our files as "wanting one".


     Below is our Puppy/Dog contract. When you are ready to purchase a puppy you will need to fill this information out and E-mail it back to me.
1.  Read this contract over and do NOT sign it, until WE are finished with any changes.
2.  Change anything you do not like and highlight it for me
3.  Copy and Paste this form in your WORD program
4.  Email me and attach this information. I will read it over and then when we are happy with our written agreement, then we can sign it. I will send you a signed copy and you will send me one.  This is a legal and Binding Contract. I will help with any questions or concerns you may have.
You have now just purchased your pup and I will help get this pup to you. We shall keep in touch by email and phone until you get that puppy in your arms.



Puppy Birth Name: _______________________________     Born/whelped ___________    Reg. # ________


Male   Female      Description of pup:   ________________________________________________________


SIRE: _______________________________________________________________  #_________________  


DAM:  ________________________________________________________________ #_________________


Worming:  ____________________     Shots:  _______________________    Health ___________________


    This dog is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge. The buyer has a health guarantee extending to the close of this day (7 days)____________   In which to have this dog checked by a licensed veterinarian. If the veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong with this puppy and detrimental to its health, it will be exchanged for another dog of equal value of the customer’s choice, at once or when available, provided a letter from the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the puppy’s illness, and the puppy is returned within the guaranteed period. No exchange will be made after this period.     The seller assumes no responsibility on this dog after leaving the premises!  In other words, this is the final note with the agreement to sell said dog and to the agreement to purchase said dog. All discussions being carefully made, buyer being satisfied with said dog, and after carefully studying pedigrees and pictures, etc.


Description of dog by Seller/Breeder


Top quality show      Breeder     Companion/Show Possibilities      Obedience/Assistance dog             Pet/Companion dog


Purchaser agrees to the following provisions of the sale:

1. This dog is purchased especially for the above circled/RED fields and is sold free of liens or encumbrances.

2. Seller makes no warranty as to health or show quality except:

This dog is personally guaranteed to be healthy and to live a long healthy life. If there are any problems please contact me immediately for my records. My personal guarantee is that if anything should be wrong with this dog, the buyer will get another puppy at a discounted price for the pain and suffering that owners go through with any dog that has problems. I can not see into the dogs though and I can not guarantee the unknown. Please remember that I am human and not a god. I promise that I have bred my dogs carefully to the best of my knowledge to be able to provide new puppy owners with the best I can give. Thank you for your part in this rare and historical adventure in this new breed of dog THE ALSATIAN SHEPALUTE.


Puppy guarantee for a Top Show Quality pup/dog only:

This puppy described in red above as a (Show Dog) will be replaced by another puppy of equal quality/value, according to the conditions stated above if the following disqualifying faults appear. Under no circumstances will the purchase price of the puppy be returned and the replacement time and selection will be a matter of choice of the breeders. If the breeder desires, all dogs to be replaced will be returned at buyer’s expense to the breeder for evaluation before replacement.

1. Bad temperament: (not man made)

2. Hanging ears:  (show dogs only where their standards call for ears to be upright) if weakness is noted after 6 months of age, the buyer is urged to contact the breeder for advice on taping. Under no circumstances will the dog be considered as having soft ears until one year of age, and must be proven by a licensed veterinarian as a permanent condition due to heredity and not injury, poor care, or mistreatment.

3. Monorchidism or cryptorchidism: if your male show puppy’s testicals do not hang properly your pup will be replaced.

4. Hip displasia:  any dog that does not certify normal or near normal by CFA diagnoses (or by diagnosis of a vet or breeders choice) at the age of 18 months will be replaced. We recommend x-raying at 8 months, one year and two years for OFA certification. We do not recommend x-raying a young dog.


If replacement is necessary the buyer agrees to sign back registration and return the dog described herein to the breeder, if the breeder so desires.


This puppy may be returned to the seller for any reason within 48 hours of the time of purchase and the seller will refund to buyer the full amount of the purchase price. Buyer shall assume full responsibility for the pup’s health, anatomical make up appearance, temperament and all transportation costs of the above described animal following the 48 hour period.


This guarantee is void if transferred to another dog or owner.


Seller/Breeder:  LOIS SCHWARZ  Address 4175 WINNETKA RD. WHITE CITY, OR. 97503   phone # 541- 830-0571    Email: SCHWARZKENNELS@AOL.COM  

This puppy/dog sold by me THE BREEDER to:



Name    ___________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________



Telephone _______________     E-mail  ____________________________________________       Fax _____________


Price: ____________________________($                )   +   PLUS AIRLINE TICKET AND CRATE….     


Date:  ____________________       papers given:  IN MAIL AFTER DELIVERY OF PUP




Buyers signature:   _____________________________________   date:  _________________________



Seller’s signature:   -------------------------------------       date:  _________________________

4175 Winnetka rd, White City, Oregon 97503


cell 541-538-9296

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